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I've got a 6 GB file, which needs to be copied to an USB-drive. The drive is 16 GB, but formatted in FAT so windows computers and Macs can read it. Fat limits the file size to 4 GB, so I cannot copy my file. My sollution would be to create a multi part archive, in two files of 3 GB.

How do I create a multi part archive on osx?

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You can split any file with the split command:

split -b 2048m bigfile.tgz bigfile.tgz.

And you will get:


To combine them again:

cat bigfile.tgz.* > bigfile.tgz

It can also be used on Windows with copy /B

Of course, this is not really a multi-part archive, just cutting any file to pieces. Multi-part archives are usually aware that they are part nb 5 is a series, include CRC verification for each file etc. But that is specific to the archive format that you want to use.

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Ok,this works. I was hoping for an archive file type the reciever can open in a GUI, like ZIP, RAR, etc. – Gerrit Aug 9 '10 at 14:20

Use programs like

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There is a Mac-port of 7z archiver.

It can be used to make segmented archives.

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