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I want to but a DELL Studio 15 with core i7-740QM and install VMware ESX virtualisation into that.

Can anybody tell will it work or do i need to go with any other processor?

Thanx in advance.


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The processor is no problem but be sure to check the hardware compatibility list of esx 4. It comes with a quite limited set of hardware drivers.… – matthias krull Aug 9 '10 at 15:39

According to the Intel - Virtualization Technology List all of the i7 cores support Intel VT-x.

And versions of VMware ESX support Intel VT and AMD-V, but some older versions seem to have host/guest restrictions regarding 32 vs 64bits - If you're using ESX 4, you should be OK, otherwise there's a version list of what version support what on the VMWare communities site, have a look at that and see if the version you intend to run matches up with what guest/host systems you intend to run, given a 64bit processor.

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