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And thanks for your instructions to install Myst IV on Mac OS 10.6. I follow all steps, the installation was successful, but I can't start the game. I have always the same message "Myst4 a quitté de manière imprévue" (sorry in french I'm french...).

Could you see what the problem ? Thanks.

Create a folder on your desktop called myst4 Inside this folder make two more folders, one called Myst4_1 and one called Myst4_2 Insert disk 1 and open the terminal Type cd /Volumes/Myst4_1 Type cp -Rv * ~/Desktop/myst4/Myst4_1 - this will take a while Type cd / Eject disk 1 and insert disk 2 Type cd /Volumes/Myst4_2 Type cp -Rv * ~/Desktop/myst4/Myst4_2 - this will take a while Type cd ~/Desktop/myst4/Myst4_1 Type unzip Macinstaller.jar Type java run - The installer will load Accept all the defaults, keep clicking next When prompted for disk 2, navigate to Desktop/myst4/Myst4_2 and click open The application is now installed. Not to run the game.

At the terminal 1. Type cd /Ubisoft/MystIV 2. Type chmod -R 777

Run the game by opening Myst4 under the Macintosh HD/Ubisoft/MystIV directory.

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If you could translate that into English that would help... – jtbandes Aug 9 '10 at 18:05
Not knowing anything about French, I would say "Myst4 has quit in a manner unexpected" roughly translates to "Myst4 has unexpectedly quit." – NReilingh Aug 9 '10 at 20:34

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