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I have a lot of videos that I have recorded on my iPhone 3gs. They are now in my iPhoto Library. In a year or so if I continue I can see myself running out of space. I am looking for a method (dirty[scripts and terminal] or clean[application]) that I can send this to some online source to store.

The source/site needs to be reliable (I would cry if they lose my videos)

Maybe also some way like Dropbox syncing (although I started this and the upload process was slow).

What would be your recommendation to this ?

(It would be an extra plus if I can retain location and date information)

(Extra/extra plus for no loss in quality, I heard reuploading and downloading the same video from youtube demonstrates the loss in quality)

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YouTube upload/download will only lower quality significantly if you're recording at a higher quality than their best, which these days is HD.

However, I personally back up my videos to an external hard drive. You can get a terabyte (1000 gig) for under $100 these days. Since you use a Mac, be sure to get FireWire, which will give you better speed than USB 2.

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+1 - Also, you could get NAS if you have a home network with more than one machine. I've been doing the manual backup to an external for family videos but am going to get NAS and have a copy on all my machines just in case! – JNK Aug 9 '10 at 21:08
@JNK what is a NAS ? – phwd Aug 9 '10 at 21:38
@phwd - Network Attached Storage - basically a hard drive you can plug into a router and use as a shared resource on a home network. You can get nice TB ones for around $150 now. They are nice if you want to share videos, or music libraries, or whatever across multiple PCs in a home network. – JNK Aug 9 '10 at 21:56

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