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Using a fresh Ubuntu install of Emacs, what is the keyboard shortcut to paste from the kill menu? Everything else seems to already have a shortcut defined, does this one need a special entry in the .emacs file or does one exist already?

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You can make the paste-from-kill menu appear with f10 e P. If you have a menu bar, that may not work, and you may need to navigate the menu with arrow keys after you press f10. In either case you can also type M-\` e P.

Another approach is to use the yank-pop command, bound to M-y. Immediately after you've done a paste, press M-y to get replace what you just pasted by the previous kill, and go on pressing M-y until you get the text you wanted. If you've gone too far, go backwards with M-- M-y. More generally, the prefix argument to M-y tells it how many steps to back in the kill ring.

You can directly give a prefix argument to the paste command; for example C-u 3 C-y is equivalent to C-y M-y M-y.

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Also this maybe more helpful.

If you're using a Debian or Ubuntu Linux distribution, you can install the emacs-goodies-el package, which contains a browse-kill-ring feature (bound to M-y by default).

Stack Overflow - How do I list all yanks in emacs?

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