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So I bought a new hard drive for my laptop and at least I can boot up now. But since that works, I'm wondering how far gone my old drive is. I have data on it I need to recover (I know it should have been backed up, and there's only a week's worth of data, but it's important).

What possibilities are there?

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You can use this to connect the laptop drive via USB to another computer:

If the drive is SATA rather than IDE, and if you have SATA ports in your computer, this won't be necessary. All you would need is a SATA cable and an available SATA power connector from your power supply.

If you need recovery software (as in, the data is missing, corrupted, or has been deleted), here's a few recommendations:

  • Recouva (a freebie)
  • Directory Snoop (trial, then paid)
  • OnTrack EasyRecovery (trial, then paid)
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If the suggestions from Force Flow does not work for you and the drive is dead, here is a recovery service that is very good and has the lowest prices in the industry for data recovery.

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