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Hello I have a lot of lines like below:


I just want to change the number format (15 digit) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX;XXX;XXX



with sed.

any other format just leave the default

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Assuming that "X" and "Y" represent digits and that your example line actually has 9 "Y" digits (it has eight in your question, but the split you want shows 9), this should work:

sed 's/;\([0-9]\{6\}\)\([0-9]\{3\}\);/;\1;\2;/;s/;\([0-9]\{9\}\)\([0-9]\{3\}\)\([0-9]\{3\}\);/;\1;\2;\3;/'

You could use variables to make it perhaps a little more readable:

sed "s/;\($dig6\)\($dig3\);/;\1;\2;/;s/;\($dig9\)\($dig3\)\($dig3\);/;\1;\2;\3;/"
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when you have structured data and field delimiters, its easier to use awk. In your data, you have ";" as delimiters, so use it.

awk -F";" '
' OFS=";" file

The awk statement says use ";" as delimiters, then work on field 2 and 4 ($2, $4) for your desired output. To change the format, use substringing. Finally set the output field separator back to ";".

this is clearer than using long cluttered regex with sed.

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