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The only way I know is to use exit command to come out.

alt text

Is there some way to close the Xterm windows using the GUI (the mouse pointer)? Killing a lot of windows would be easier that way.

I am using Tiny Window Manager.

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If things like this are an issue, I'll go necro and plug my own project here :) – new123456 Apr 27 '11 at 22:54

Would xkill help?

Just type


and then left click on the window you want to close.

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Apart from killing, exiting is the only option. There is no GUI close button.

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there's a funny trick about that: type exit in another terminal and hover it including the line break with your mouse. You have now "exit\n" in the copy/paste buffer of X. Clicking any terminal with the middle button of your mouse will now terminate it :)

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