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Corel Draw is a really good vector graphics application but its price is a 'bit' high. Could you recommend me some alternatives? I only know InkScape from out of the blue.. and it's a bit behind Corel Draw. :)

Commercial alternatives are also 100% fine.

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Huh guys thank you. I should convert this to wiki or I don't know... vote up everyone accept someone randomly? All of them are great examples and worth the tick.. – Shiki Aug 10 '10 at 14:49
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Someone else posted this site for alternatives in another superuser post but thought it would be useful for you.

Some of its suggestions are Open Office - Draw or Pencil

EDIT: Removed Inkscape as alternative as poster has already tried, sorry should have read the full question!!

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Sir, you got the accept for the alternative page. :) – Shiki Aug 14 '10 at 6:58

Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator would be two other alternatives.

Rant: i don't like either of them, but...

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InkScape is the only free alternative I know.

Some Commercial alternative products are :

Xara Xtreme ($89)
Adobe Illustrator ($599)

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I would try to find an older, legitimate copy on ebay. This will give you the program that you really want, and you'll be eligible for discounted upgrades in the future.

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If you have have a Linux machine to hand (try dual booting perhaps?), you can try the open source release of the well-regarded Xara Xtreme.

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Well, if you want layers:
- Pixlr Image Editor (cloud: -> the best I think (no programs installed and do not wait to load)
- Googe Docs Draw (cloud:
- Gimp (free)
- Open Office Draw (free)
- PhotoFiltre Studio (cheap)

If you don't wanna layers:
- PhotoFiltre (free)

Added in 18th August 2010: There is a greater list on:

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These are photo editors, not vector graphics editor. – harrymc Aug 11 '10 at 5:44
Well, since CorelDraw (CD) and PhotoShop (PS) are classified as vector graphics editor, why can't that options be classified also? They support layers, as CD and PS... – kokbira Aug 19 '10 at 13:39

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