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I thought the pictures associated with our profiles were automatically generated until they were manually changed. A lot of people have these cool identicons based on their IP address.

How can I get my own identicon? I am looking for an online generator. Gravator does not seem to have any options to generate identicons.

Edit: I will probably accept your answer if you just tell me how you made your identicon (and it did not involve downloading/installing stuff)

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Check out this article at wikipedia. There are a bunch of links to a variety of implementations.


I created mine just by logging in and creating a user on SO. You seem to have one as well, it is just VERY lightly colored. You can see it on your user page (you may need to approach your monitor from the side to get the image).

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I actually visited that site before posting the question. There are a lot of links to source code implementations/plug-ins/commentary but nothing that will just create a simple identicon for me. – Leftium Aug 3 '09 at 2:53
Oh what do you know, I already had one! – Leftium Aug 3 '09 at 3:13

To know how you get such an Identicon at this site,
read up this StackOverflow Blog article -- Gravatars, Identicons, and You

Some more at this question,
what is the algorithm used to generate those little gravatar identicon images?

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