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I run svnnotify from a Subversion post-commit hook:

        -x medical@example.com=patients/ \
        -x design@example.com=gui/ \
        -x devel@example.com=trunk/haxe"
if [ -x "$NOTIFIER" ]; then
        "$NOTIFIER" \
        --repos-path "$1" --revision "$2" --with-diff \
        --set-sender software@example.com --user-domain example.com \
        $RECEIVERS $3

Which mostly works fine, but occasionally the diff gets corrupted, in the sense that it contains a short block of something that looks like memory corruption:

X‚ö·”ηð™Ù¿íù·”ηd‚ö·ôÏú· €ö·  €œÙ¿ætù·”η.¸ö·                    ”η 

I have tried giving the option --encoding ISO-8859-1 to svnnotify, but still see the corruption.

I am on a Debian Lenny system using libsvn-notify-perl 2.79-1. Any ideas?

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Looks like you are diffing a binary file inadvertantly. –  cbz Mar 14 '11 at 17:02

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