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Is there some easy and fast way to toggle mute on Windows XP?

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Try AutoHotkey.

It's a program that runs in your system tray and, through scripts that you write, allows you to re-map keystrokes.

Scripts for controlling volume are located here:

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Go to

Then create a shortcut and put

“C:\Path\To\nircmd.exe” mutesysvolume 2

into the shortcut path. this will create a shortcut somewhere which by double clicking will mute sound. If you want, right click, properties and assign a shortcut key to it.

Double clicking it again will unmute the sound. Theres a whole list of stuff you can do with nircmd, just go to the website link and scoll down:-)

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A far as I know you can't on a standard keyboard. However a lot of keyboards these days have a mute switch that can be used to mute the sound(eg Keyboards with media controls)

All you have to do for the keyboard mute to work is install the driver/software for it.

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If your audio is coming to you via Flash in your browser, you can install Flashmute. It's free. Flashmute will offer you Ctrl+Alt+M as your keyboard toggle.

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I use a little program from NirSoft called Volumouse. This allows you to make shortcuts with your keyboard and mouse to change the system volume.

enter image description here

I think you can use just the keyboard if you want to.

The other NirSoft program NirCmd is perhaps a better option. Volumouse uses the mouse wheel to raise / lower the volume. Here's how to mute the sound with NirCmd:

nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 1
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