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I wrote a stratego clone for my friend and I to play over the internet. It consists of a very simple server and a client that can be run on the same computer as the server. What would be the simplest way for me to host this game for myself and one other person?

I have a home DSL connection. Would I need to port forward through the router and/or get a static IP address if I wanted to host it from my home connection? Are there any free ways to host it somewhere else?

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I think you need two things -

  1. Get an account with a service that provides dynamic dns. This allows you to have a dynamically assigned ip address, but a constant domain name. So your friends can always use the same address for your computer.

  2. You need to allow traffic to your server to get through your firewall/NAT.

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my linksys router automatically syncs with my account every hour. It supports a few other dynamic dns services too. You can get a free 2nd level domain through like mine is – Jarvin Aug 10 '10 at 14:15

Yes, probably the simplest way is to configure the NAT of your router to accept an ingoing connection on a specific port.

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As matteodefelice as already stated you need to forward ports.

In addition, note that some ISPs block certain ports (to stop "home" users hosting business servers, etc) so you might find the relevant ports blocked (obviously, test it and see).

A static IP is not required, you will just need to give your external IP to your friends. Your IP should not change during a single live connection, but if you disconnect / restart your router / have a power cut / etc and then reconnect you may get a different IP, so you'll probably want to check your IP and maybe redistribute it to your friends for each game.

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