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I need to format my memory stick as it has supposedly developed bad sectors according to the technician. Formatting it with the camera didn't fix things. Before I format it using a PC I need to know if it would go unrecognizable when formatted.

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You can format it from your PC. Make sure to format as fat32 (your OS may call it just fat, or some minor variation on that, it's ok), but it's likely to be the default for a memory stick.

However, if the memory stick has bad sectors, formatting won't help (though it might hide the problem for a while... until you can't read back your photos). It's a hardware problem and requires the hardware to be replaced. If a technician told you to just format it, he may have been trying to dissuade you from a warranty return.

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It is gonna be recognizable for sure. As long as you format it in FAT32. Maybe NTFS will work, but it is safer to format it in FAT32.

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