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I have a machine that is inconvenient to access physically as it is on a another campus. It is running XP with no software firewall, the firewall being handled by a hardware Sonic device that I don't control, and connects through a VPN. I can ping the machine just fine and that's about it. It does not have any shares.

I have the local administrator credentials but remote desktop is not enabled. It's running an app that is broadcasting traffic on a specific port and I need to find which one.

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Is there another computer on that network which you have more access to - a remote desktop, a terminal?

If so, you can use nmap to see what's active on your machine, or you can run a packet sniffer to grab broadcasts from your machine.


If the machine is physically separate BUT on the same network as you currently are, then a packet sniffer can be used from your local computer.

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NMap has a nice looking GUI that was more thorough than AngryIP. Thanks! – Pangea Aug 12 '10 at 17:15
glad it worked for you. – bryan Aug 12 '10 at 18:31

You can try using angryIP. It does network and optionally port scanning.

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