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Using Remote Desktop (not Remote Assistance) is there some way for the host display to be active during the remote session.

I want to connect to the Win7 box controlling our media center, but leave the monitor active to display the content.

In other words, use another computer as if it were a remote control

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Yes, you can, but by using a different mode called Remote Control.

First of all you need to use this patch to allow concurrent RDP sessions on Windows 7 (this is not needed for Windows Server operating systems).

Then, in the remote session, go to Task Manager > Users tab, right click on the session you want to control (the console session), and choose Remote Control.

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Just a note that this is a technical violation of your license agreement for Windows, but it's not something Microsoft is likely to come after you for. – Joel Coehoorn Aug 11 '10 at 2:56

No, not using RDP. But if you install VNC, yes you can.

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