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I have some files that are like:


I need to rename them to 123.mp3

How can I do this to all the files in a given folder?

I'm on a Mac

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You could use zsh and zmv to easily achieve this with these commands :

% zsh

% autoload -Uz zmv

% cd /path/to/folder

% zmv '(*).(*)?' '$1.$2'

You can, of course, change both patterns.

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There's always AppleScript, but if you want an app to handle it for you, there's A Better Finder Rename and Name Mangler.

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Run the AppleScript /Library/Scripts/Finder Scripts/Replace Text in Item Names.scpt and it will prompt you for a replacement and perform it on the items in the frontmost Finder window.

(An easy way to run scripts like this is to use the Script menu; open AppleScript Utility (in /Applications/AppleScript) to enable it.)

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There are rename actions in Automator. I'd try those. Or use a decent shell.

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I can recommend NameChanger, it's donateware and pretty simple.

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