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I have two folders:

  • /home/me/code/project/
  • /srv/www/projectfiles/

In the /home/me/code/project folder, I have symlinked static to /srv/www/projectfiles/

i.e. /home/me/code/project/static/ -> /srv/www/projectfiles/

When I try to commit now, it doesn't see any of the files behind the symlink, and instead tries to commit the symlink itself as a file.

How do I commit a file (e.g. /srv/www/projectfiles/style.css)s that is behind the symlink?

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A workaround would be to have /srv/www/projectfiles be a symlink to /home/me/code/project/static so git sees no symlinks

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Move the files into the folder and remove the symlink. Git doesn't traverse symlinks.

It (and I) would assume that you are symlinking to a set of files that you either don't control or don't want to modify, as such they don't need to be versioned.

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I do control these files. They are the stylesheets etc. and need to be in a directory which the server will server. – Macha Aug 11 '10 at 19:13

Consider using a mount point to mount the destination folder (which you presently symlink to) to appear in the location you want it beneath the git project. I've used this approach successfully.

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Another workaround - the only one I found that works for directories too - is to change git working tree for the specific actions.

git --work-tree=/home/me/code/project/ add /home/me/code/project/static/
git --work-tree=/home/me/code/project/ commit /home/me/code/project/static/
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