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I'm setting up an HTPC so I'm trying to install XBMC. Following the XBMC Team's instructions, the commands run as expected until the second line, where apt-get reports that the package 'xbmc' wasn't found. I did an apt-cache search and the only result xbmc-related was

xbmc-ppa-keyring - GnuPG archive keys for the XBMC PPA

When I looked into the Launchpad PPA site, that was, indeed, the only package there. I'm using Ubuntu Lucid. What's going on?

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Turns out, the XBMC Team is cleaning out the PPA at the moment. It might take a while until the packages are up.

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That guide is for Karmic, and you're running Lucid. Chances are that package was never resubmitted or migrated to the Lucid servers.

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That could be the case, but I looked into all of the folder systems, and that same package is the same for all distros. – digitxp Aug 12 '10 at 1:10

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