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I've got a Flip video recorder and want to put the videos from it onto CD so that they can be played in a standard DVD player. (I can't make DVDs, as I only have a CD burner.) I've exported the videos from Flip to MP4 files and figured I could use Windows Media Player 11 (in XP) to burn them to a VCD. However, when I try to play the files in WMP, it complains that they're of zero length.

I'm hoping that if I convert them to .MPG format, I might have a bit more luck. Is there a simple way to do this without installing anything of dubious quality on my PC? (I'm keen to avoid spyware, etc.)


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Depending upon what burning software you have:

Maybe this:

These days, VCDs are a pain. There are a few other tools kicking around, but they haven't been updated in quite some time. Which leads me to the next suggestion.

It may be time to invest in a DVD drive at this point, since they're fairly inexpensive.

SATA DVD Burner ($20, free shipping):


IDE DVD Burner ($24, $4 shipping):


TDK 50-pack of DVD-R's ($10, free shipping):

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I recommend MediaCoder.

MediaCoder is a free universal media transcoder since 2005. It integrates most popular audio/video codecs and tools in an elegant and transparent manner into an all-in-one transcoding solution.

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Super(c) will convert just about anything to anything.

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