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My laptop has recently died, taking with it iTunes and my music. Things could have been a lot worse, but I fortunately have a back up of my mp3s. However, I have lost the iTunes library containing all my play counts, last played, ratings etc.

I am keen to recover this data and have bought software to access my iPod Touch as a hard drive which has enabled me to view the underlying files. However I don't seem to be able to find a version of the iTunes Library.itl (or iTunes Music Library.xml) file which would contain the meta data I need.

The only seemingly useful file I can find is the library.itdb file, which seems about the right file size to contain the data I'm looking for.

My question therefore is can anyone advise if there is a way of recreating the library .itl or .xml file from this .itdb (iTunes database) file?

All advice gratefully received!

NB. I have managed to extract the meta data I need but the program I am using creates its own path to the the mp3 file, which would leave every track broken.

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