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I've got myself in tricky a situtation.

I've disabled all non windows services in MSConfig. When i restarted my laptop boots but i cannot view the screen even in safe mode. Perhaps i have disabled a driver. But i have no way of knowing which one.

So, i don;t know which service i disable and even the service that i know that i have ie "JungleDisk" when tried to restart it via the command line it promo0pted that i could not restart this service as it had been disabled.

Really appreciated any suggestions

windows 7 sony viao pcg-811124

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I believe the command you are looking for is:

sc config servicenamehere start= auto

You'll need to know the name of the service though - to view this from the command line, try this command - this will show all services:

sc query type= service state= all

If you want to see only stopped services, run this command:

sc query type= service state= inactive

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