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Win7 x64 Desktop with Google Chrome 5 installed. No other builds of Chrome. Last used yesterday and working fine when shut down my computer.

This morning I opened up Chrome like I usually do on my desktop with a small SSD as the OS drive. I set it up a few months ago and have most big programs and all my games installed to my D drive since it has much more space. My SSD has about 6.5 gigs of free space. I've setup my profile so that most of the user folders also use the D drive (my docs and others). The place that Chrome installs to by default is still on the C drive in the users folder and that's okay as it was using less then a gig of space so I wasn't worried about it until today.

This morning Win7 crashed with a BSOD and reboot right after opening Chrome and clicking to restore the tabs from my previous session (using the built in functionality from Chrome). After the reboot, I tried to open Chrome again and it complained that my profile was corrupt. I figured worst case I'd lose some of my settings but that the sync feature would mean that it would mostly all still be fine (I have it setup to sync to my google account).

Unfortunately, it looks like everything is gone - my sync and account settings are still connected and work on other computers but it looks like my desktop lost it's connection to the synced account. It also looks like it's lost all my open tabs and my previous saved sessions that I have from my sessionBuddy extension that had lots of unread pages that I really badly wanted to go back and read.

I know that I can set it up to sync with my account again and regain my bookmarks and many of my settings but the settings that I really want, that were unique to that install like my open tabs from the previous session and my sessionBuddy saved sessions are now gone.

Once it loaded with nothing, I closed it down and just had to go do something else for a little bit as I was pretty frustrated and upset. I figure, the best way might be to see if I can use some kind of Undelete program, but even then I'm not sure how well that will work if the profile was corrupt. I believe that the problem might have been caused by the combo of the SSD, Win7 and Chrome.

The SSD is a Corsair Nova 32gig.

I took a 7zip file of the Chrome folder after closing it down once it had restarted and was all blank. Quickly looking at some of the folders really left me unhappy as the extensions folder was empty and many other files were a lot smaller then they should be. It looks like my history and some things are still there as they seem big enough to not be set back to defaults.

How do I get my previous sessions (from sessionBuddy extension, I believe it creates HTML pages with the links to the open pages or maybe some XML files), and my open tabs back?

Hopefully this was enough information to help anyone come up with an idea for a cause and a plan that can help me recover the data.

Thanks Joel

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i feel your pain. had chrome crash on me the other day and had the same result as you. I have lost everything I configured in chrome due to some corrupt profile. am lamenting my lack of a consistent backup policy for my home pc! will be watching peoples suggestion with interest –  Tim Alexander Aug 12 '10 at 14:27
Not sure if it's related but... my version of Chrome updated itself this morning (probably downloaded in the background yesterday and installed when I restarted this morning). –  w3d Aug 12 '10 at 14:52