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How do I disable the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut in KeePass?

This is "ą" in Polish and I use it very often. I've dug into options and found nothing. It's annoying not being able to type normally with KeePass open.

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The even more annoying thing about alt-a is, it's default behavior is copy-paste and confirm (enter) the currently selected login and password to whatever text-field the cursor might be in. So, for instance, while chatting with KeePass on you end up sharing your passwords with your chat-mates. Totally annoying. Thank you for asking this. – mmm Jan 12 '14 at 16:25
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Cornelius'answer from Aug 18 '10 is almost two years old.

Here is the solution for KeePass 2.21.

Go to Tools/Options/Integration/System-wide hot keys/Global auto-type and clear the shortcut already written there (Ctrl, Alt + A); it will change to None. There you have it!

enter image description here

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To change Alt + A keyboard shortcut go to:

Tools > Options > Advanced > Auto-type (button at the bottom)

and change key combination here.


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Autohotkey will be able to help you remap the "ą" to another key combination that won't interfere with KeePass.

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