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I have bartender 7.75 on Windows 7.

It works, except when I try to print the barcode, it won't print.

In Windows XP it prints fine.

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Shouldn't this be asked to whoever is making Bartender? – Svish Aug 12 '10 at 19:28
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BarTender 7.5 is from 2006/2007, and barely supports Vista in that version (7.75 SP2).

My guess would be that you need to ensure you have a correct/updated printer driver for Windows 7.

The people who make BarTender offer updated printer drivers here but I'm not sure if they work with anything older than version 9.x.

Here's the company's contact info (Seagull Scientific) here if you need some help; Also, they're currently having an upgrade promotion until the end of Aug. 2010 for people who are running older 7.x versions.

Hope the helps...

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