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Many programs can save you some typing by setting up shortcuts for commonly typed words. For example you could always replace @gm with I'm having trouble coming up with a list of things I type frequently and I'm looking for an automated way to discover good candidates.

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Sounds like you'd love AutoHotkey's AutoCorrect script.

The following script uses hotstrings to correct about 4700 common English misspellings on-the-fly. It also includes a Win+H hotkey to make it easy to add more misspellings

If you really want to know what your most commonly typed words are:

1.) Grab a keylogger that will log to flat files in a plain text format, such as pykeylogger. Note that it can also use delimiters for easier parsing such as CSV. Run it for a day or however long you want until you have enough data to make your word preference more obvious.

2.) And then use this simple program I quickly threw together to count the words (assumes CSV file):


use warnings;
use strict;
my %unique = ();

open FH,"< data.txt" or die $!;

while (<FH>)
  my @words = split/,/,$_;

close FH;

foreach(reverse sort {$unique{$a} <=> $unique{$b}} keys %unique)
    print "$_ => $unique{$_}\n";

That will go through each line in a CSV format file, and create a hash containing every word in the file along with how many times it occurs.

Sample input:


Sample output:

john@awesome:~$ chmod +x
john@awesome:~$ ./
test => 9
word => 3
something => 2
other => 1
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That's the most readable Perl code I've ever seen. :) – Sasha Chedygov Aug 12 '10 at 23:03

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