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I was dual booting fedora and windows 7 (installed fedora second). After installing ati drivers, the fedora installation completely broke (would hand right after the progress bar). I wanted to reinstall it to another drive to avoid dual booting. Foolishly, I went into windows, and I deleted the fedora partition and resized C: to include it.

Then, I rebooted, and I am presented with command line grub. There's no nice gui that lets me chose the OS in which I want to boot.

From what I understand, I've probably deleted most of grub, and all that's left is the part in the MBR.

Is there a way I can load windows from this command line?
Even better, is there a way I can eliminate grub, and make it so windows uses all the disk and just boots like it used to when it was alone in the disk?

Thank you.

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Boot from your install disk. Choose the Repair my Installation (or similar, don't remember exactly_ option near the bottom and then choose Repair Startup-esque option. If that doesn't work, consult the rest of this guide.

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