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How can I use something like Media Monkey to subscribe to this iTunes podcast. Also, can this be done without downloading iTunes in the first place...?

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Having never used MediaMonkey, I don't have a definite answer to the question of if this can be done with out having to download iTunes in the first place. But, from what I could find, if you're all ready subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, then...

Use iTunes File -> Export and save the OPML file.

Use MM3 Edit -> Podcasts -> Add Directory(OPML) to import the saved file. This should create a new "iTunes Subscribed Feeds" entry in the Podcast Subscriptions -> Podcast Directories tree node.


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You can also use FeedFlipper to convert it:

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Feed mediamoneky with the Podcast RSS.

Go to the Podcast Website and copy the RSS link.

In this case I think it's enough to import the website Podcast itself.

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