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Possible Duplicate:
Uninstall IE8 and install IE6

Can anyone help me to install Internet explorer in Windows7.

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If you are running Windows 7 Professional or better, you can use the free Windows XP Mode to install IE6, or any other software requiring Windows XP.

If you're running Home Premium or lower, you'll also need a Windows XP CD and license key to create a regular virtual machine installation.

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If you have Windows Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate you can use Windows Virtual PC with Windows XP Mode for free available at microsoft site.

You can use, too, a VirtualBox virtual machine (free) and install windows XP on it.

There is also available from microsoft, the VPC Hard Disk Images with different internet explorer versions on Windows XP and Vista available for free here.

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You could use virtualisation for that. Create a xp machine in vmware for example and run ie6 from there. I always found this to be the ideal solution. It gives you access to tons of different environment to test your things on.

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Depending on what exactly you need IE6 for you might be able to use IETester.

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