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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop which is loaded with Windows Vista Home.

I had previously reported a problem with the laptop not switching on, which got fixed. Link: Dell inspiron laptop not switching on.

I would like to trouble shoot if this is related to the OS. Do you have useful suggestions regarding the same?

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Troubleshoot what problem? Please explain in detail – Moab Aug 13 '10 at 14:28
I have explained the problem here a solution was given but would like to know more about the cause of the problem -…. – user44212 Aug 19 '10 at 9:06

What was the cause of the problem described in "Dell Inspiron laptop not switching on"?

The answer is, it's related to the hardware of the system. If the system will not turn on, it's because of hardware reasons. There are a few things that happen before even Windows Vista begins to load. It starts with the BIOS. It talks to the hardware and tell the computer to begin loading the operating system.. So, update the BIOS first and foremost. Below is a link to the driver page. I would download any drivers that are out-of-date. Specifically download and install the BIOS and chipset drivers. If this doesn't fix it then call the tech support and have the laptop replaced.

Dell's official Inspiron 1525 driver page

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