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I am using an HTTP proxy server to connect to the internet.

Because of that my pings are not working

ping www.google.com

says Unreachable Host

How can I configure ping to use the HTTP proxy?

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It may be helpful to know what setup you are using? Is this a linux server with squid and iptables for example? –  Tim Alexander Aug 13 '10 at 9:51

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In general you can't. ping needs a direct network connection on the IP level to do its work. A proxy works on a higher layer of the TCP/IP network model, where there is no direct access to the IP protocol.

You would need to somehow circumvent the proxy (change firewall settings, use a VPN, ...). Whether this is possible (and allowed) depends on your network configuration, but it's probably not possible.

As a workaround, there are many web-based ping services available (search for "web-based ping"). These will work.

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You may try this,But first you have to install curl.

http_proxy=http://<proxy_username>:<proxy_password>@<your_proxy_server>:<your_proxy_port>  curl -I http://google.com/
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this is not PING. –  törzsmókus Feb 24 at 20:42

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