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Windows XP - I have a Context Menu(all kinds) containing many useless commands which i dont use.
I need a utility to help me manage it by removing the unwanted commands.

I currently use MMM but it gets corrupted after a while(an utility similar to it)

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I've written a lengthy explanation of how to clean up a messy context menu, using either the registry editor or some freeware NirSoft tools.

How to Clean Up Your Messy Windows Context Menu

alt text

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Context Menu Editor

Context Menu Editor can view and delete links to programs in the context menus (the popup menus you see when you right-click) of files, folders and Internet Explorer.Context Menu Editor does not delete the programs, it just removes them from your menus. Menu deletions cannot be undone so please use with care - you may need to reinstall your software if you want them back.

Context Menu Manager

Context menu Manager allows you to quickly and easily Deactivate and Activate context menu elements. Context Menu manager allows you to manage context menus created with a right mouse click in Windows Explorer and on the desktop. In the past, if you installed a program that added entries to your context menu the only way top have them not show up was to uninstall the package.

Mmm Free Edition

Every program these days seem to put an extra item or 2 in your context-menu. It is all under the guise of being helpful, but often it is to get the company name (or product name) in the menu. They see it as a place to advertise. And of course it is difficult or impossible to remove these items in an easy way.

The context-menu quickly becomes a mess!

Most of these functions you never use. Some you use sometimes. And some you use all the time. Mmm lets you get rid of the items you never use. Lets you move those items you rarely use out on a submenu. Keeping only the functions you often use in a tidy and small base menu.

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