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Is it possible for M-f4 to first close the frames until there is only one frame left and them close emacs all together?

I did bind delete-frame to M-f4 but i keep forgetting that M-f4 doesn't close emacs, and I don't want to bind M-f4 to kill-emacs as I keep using M-f4 to close frames.


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This method, when bound to C-x C-c, allows you to close an emacs frame the same way, whether it's the sole window you have open, or whether it's a "child" frame of a "parent" frame. If you're like me, and use emacs in a windowing environment, you probably have lots of frames open at any given time. Well, it's a pain to remember to do Ctrl-x 5 0 to dispose of a child frame, and to remember to do C-x C-x to close the main frame (and if you're not careful, doing so will take all the child frames away with it). This is my solution to that: an intelligent close-frame operation that works in all cases (even in an emacs -nw session).

(defun intelligent-close ()
  "quit a frame the same way no matter what kind of frame you are on"
  (if (eq (car (visible-frame-list)) (selected-frame))
      ;;for parent/master frame...
      (if (> (length (visible-frame-list)) 1)
          ;;close a parent with children present
   (delete-frame (selected-frame))
        ;;close a parent with no children present
    ;;close a child frame
    (delete-frame (selected-frame))))

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How is this better than (if (cdr (frame-list)) (delete-frame (selected-frame)) (save-buffers-kill-emacs)) (which I wrote at the time of Emacs 19, so it may miss out on later refinements)? – Gilles Aug 13 '10 at 13:57
@Gilles I dunno. I don't actually know elisp so I can't judge which is better. I just found the above in that person's .emacs and since it works, I just took it. And since I havn't found any problems with it, I'm using it. – Nathaniel Saxe Aug 13 '10 at 15:09

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