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is there some way to filter output of command by OR condition in Linux?
There is filtering by AND condition with grep in way like:

ls -l | grep "^a" | grep "z$"

That says: list all files that beggins with "a" AND ends with "z" (so there is shorter way to write this: grep "^a\.*z$", but it is not matter).
Is there some way to perform test by OR condition?
For example: files that starts exactly with "xen" OR files that ends exactly with ".rpm". But exactly, not something like:

grep "[xen]{0,3}\.*[.rpm]{0,4}"

Thank you for ahead.

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GNU grep accepts \| as an OR operator in regular expressions, so you could use

grep '^xen\|\.rpm$'
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You can use egrep (which is an alias for grep -E) to use extended regular expressions in the search pattern like this:

egrep '^xen|\.rpm$'

Note that [xen]{0,3} means: Look for a string that has a length between 0 and 3 and consists of any combination of the characters x, e and n.

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