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When I view this IRC log in Firefox, long lines do not wrap. But I wish they would! Anyone know how to make Firefox word-wrap text/plain files?

  • this file is served as gzipped plain text; try HEAD and you should see Content-Type: text/plain
  • when the same resource is viewed in Google Chrome, long lines wrap
  • this might be a related question on doctype, but the "accepted answer" contains a broken link
  • this didn't work for me (even the alternate version using pre-wrap as opposed to -moz-pre-wrap mentioned in a comment by user "Idran")
  • using "View → Page Source", then toggling word wrap is a suitable workaround
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The Toggle Word Wrap Firefox extension might work for you.

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Yes, that works! I noticed that plugin, but I dismissed it since the description only mentions PRE tags and HTML, so I assumed it wouldn't work for text/plain documents. Thank you! – Adam Monsen Aug 13 '10 at 22:35
I did that too. That is, dismissed the add-on because it focused on PRE tags. Thanks Dan! – progo Nov 27 '10 at 15:18

If you just need to wrap plaintext files, try Ctrl-U (then View -> Wrap Long Lines, if not already checked). This solution is cleaner than an add-in with plaintext files, but sloppier with text embedded in html.

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Not liking unnecessary plugins, this is a great solution! – sage Aug 31 '12 at 20:39

Go to the Firefox User Profile.

This is for applying a style to all web pages you view.

Firefox User Profile Folder --> Chrome -- > userContent.css (If this file is not present, make a copy of userContent-example.css and rename it!

 * This file can be used to apply a style to all web pages you view
 * Rules without !important are overruled by author rules if the
 * author sets any.  Rules with !important overrule author rules.

This is for customizing Mozilla's user interface.

Firefox User Profile Folder --> Chrome -- > userChrome.css (If this file is not present, make a copy of userChrome-example.css and rename it!

 * This file can be used to customize the look of Mozilla's user interface
 * You should consider using !important on rules which you want to
 * override default settings.

Add to the bottom:

pre { white-space: pre-wrap !important; }

Save the file.]

Restart Firefox. Works with Firefox 26.

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Here is an untested possibility, but the ideal solution if using view-source:URL with [View] [wrap long lines] enabled. This would be for the text/plain mime type to automatically use:

view-source: schema

This avoids the ctrl-u or menu [page source] click and reduces manual labour in an automated computing environment.

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For what it's worth, Firefox 22 (the current target as of this writing) will introduce a new feature to allow wrapping text files directly in the browser. See improved plain-text handling in Firefox for a preview, and Firefox bug 253564 for the gory details.

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FF31. Open a new tab. Enter about:config. Search for wrap. You will find an entry to toggle word wrap on or off.

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