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I've downloaded and installed latest NVIDIA driver from Video card works silently in X session. But when I work in console without starting X, video card fan makes a lot of noise. Seems to be that NVIDIA driver (which manage fan speed) is not loaded during system boot. Is it possible to start the driver during boot?

UPD: While in console lsmod | grep nvidia shows that driver is loaded. Seems to be it is not loading issue. Video card fan has speed 100% in console, and 65.1% in X session. Is there way to change fan speed in console?

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Is the nvidia kernel module loaded?

lsmod | grep nvidia

If not, load it with

sudo modprobe nvidia

If it helps then you might want to automatically load it at boot time by appending nvidia (on a new line) to /etc/modules

I guess that source of your problem is manual installation. Had you installed it from repositories, the installer would set it up for you.

Note: I am not an nvidia user, quick google search suggests that the module is called nvidia, but it might be called otherwise. Just type modprobe n and hit TAB, your shell should autocomplete the name for you.

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I found this, you might wanna give it a try:

there seems to be a command called nvclock, and within that command there is an argument called fanspeed. This is probably what your looking for.

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