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I've just read the Most useful AutoHotKey scripts question and that got me thinking about automation and repetitive tasks.

Which automated task, once you got it in place and functioning, really made a difference in how you go about your day?

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  • Speeding up podcasts in iTunes
  • Setting up robocopy on all my machines to move all downloaded items to my home server when it's available.
  • Set up robocopy to keep SysInternals up to date locally (On my Win7 machine: robocopy /E /DCOPY:T /MT:2 \\\tools C:\Path\To\SysinternalsSuite /XF Thumbs.db)
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I just found the iTunes speed x2 button (accidentally :) on my iPod last week! – yhw42 Aug 16 '10 at 20:32

Backing up my VM's to a USB external drive in the middle of the night; once a month or so, I just plug it into another PC, fire the VM's up and verify I could work if the main host was dead.

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Website macros! I work with many websites (Email, salesfore, SAP web client, intranet, blogs, Stackoverflow etc) each day and automated all routine logins and navigation with iMacros (free Firefox addon).

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