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I'm a user of RTM (Remember The Milk). Since I have Windows 7 at home, I'm using a Windows Sidebar gadget ('Forget the milk'). But as I'm using Win XP at office, I cannot use the gadget. I am looking for an RTM client for Windows XP. I have used a software running on Adobe AIR, which requires to go to the RTM site every time to add a job. Is there any other effective clients for XP which can at least:

  • Add a task

  • Delete a task

without visiting the site every time.

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I would recommend Tasque, a simple and cross-platform application that should do the trick.

There's also an Adobe AIR app that might satisfy current users, which is much more up to date than Tasque is at the moment - sadly. This app is named App for the milk, and is cross-platform as it's Adobe AIR.

Screenshot showing the main window in Tasque

  1. Download GTK# for .NET.
  2. Download Tasque.

Considering how both are relatively outdated, you might want to try Wunderlist, although this is a standalone service.

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Two issues: (a) The link is to an old version. Please rather link to the folder, so people can get the latest version. (b) it doesn't work on Windows 7, nor will it tell me why. I have to assume it's because I don't have GTK# for .NET installed (I used to, dunno where it went, anyway that's not the issue...) –  Johan Nov 1 '11 at 15:04
True; I've added a bit of clarification, although it doesn't really make the situation much better. –  Thor Dec 13 '11 at 17:53
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You can try Prism. It's an application that will let you run a Web App from your desktop.

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App For The Milk is an interesting cross-platform app (uses Adobe Air)


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