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When I right-click on a file in foobar2000 and select ReplayGain, there are four options: scan per file, scan single album, scan by tags, remove info. What I cannot do is "edit replaygain info (advanced)". According to many tutorials, it should be there, but it isn't. Has that option been removed from later foobar2000 versions? I am using the latest stable version 1.0.3.

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That's File->Preferences->Display->Context Menu->ReplayGain. I'm using foobar2000 ver. 1.1.7

I had previously been using a 0.9.6.x or some such and also missed the change to the default prefs. I love this software, with the add-in components, it's my audio swiss army knife.

The "Edit ReplayGain info" option is a godsend for my use. I repeatedly transcode audio from the same source with a very consistent level from session to session. It'd be a waste of time to be forced to do a ReplayGain scan for each file. This way I can skip the scan and just set the info. My conversion preset then applies the RG to the output. My workflow would be slowed greatly if I had to wait for actual scans.

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It's still there. Go to Properties->Context Menu->ReplayGain

This will open a list of items to see when right clicking in foobar2000. In addition to adding "Edit ReplayGain Info" I'd recommend checking the box for "Scan Selection as Albums (by Folder)". This can be quite useful.

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