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Is there any way to create self extracting archives using truecrypt similar to PGP, so that a user without Truecrypt installed can open the archive on entering the right passphrase.

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The easiest way is to carry a portable-truecrypt binary with the encrypted file.

Remember, any self-decrypting technique will be platform dependent.

There is an alternative called AxCrypt.
It integrates with your Windows system and allows creation of self-decrypting executable that just needs a pass-phrase to open on another Windows machine.

However, that is changing the encryption tool (away from TrueCrypt), which I do not like.

Update: Use the command line option -J for creating self-decrypting archives with AxCrypt.

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How do you create a self-decrypting file with AxCrypt? – Pablo Aug 6 '09 at 22:59
@Pablo, it is done with the -J command line option. – nik Aug 10 '09 at 16:55

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