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I use constantly. When connecting via ssh to remote *nix systems, I can continue to use tab to complete command names and arrow-up/down to navigate the command history. However, with sftp this does not work, and I get [-escaped sequences for the latter and a literal tab for the former.

Any way to get this to work? Anything to do with readline?

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Check out with-readline. There's an example using sftp there.

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Having tried to install with-readline on OSX 10.7.5 I ran into linker errors.

While trying to find a solution to this problem I discovered that MacPorts has a port of OpenSSH which includes the sftp utility compiled with readline support. MacPorts also sets this version of sftp as the default.

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The same solution can be applied if you prefer Homebrew, their version of homebrew/dupes/openssh also comes with tab completion. – GhostLyrics Jul 5 at 13:21

You can also try yafc.

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