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Is there a handy powertoy-like program I can use to kill the always-on-top mode of the most bothersome windows?

Too bad that the programs I find useful and like to co-exist with other open programs (multitasking in common sense) set their window to always-on-top.

I.e. Canon PhotoStitch does this on Windows 7 while loading or merging images, a long time window during which I'd like to be able to use another program, but alas no. PhotoStitch is awesome, but not that awesome.

The dream is a program that runs in the background and automatically reverts all always-on-top API calls, except for a whitelist, like task switcher, Task Manager, Process Explorer, and any antivirus whose alerts actually could be important.

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"Always-on-top" should always be an opt-in option!? Are you sure these applications aren't just receiving focus, at which time they will be brought to the front? Many applications will be brought to the front when loading, but this is different to "always-on-top". – w3dk Aug 16 '10 at 14:12
Yes, when I am unable to bring another window to the top (I can focus it, but it'll remain in the background), I'm pretty sure that is because a windows was set to always-on-top. Now that is a conscious design flaw of the ones behind that program. – Detrik Raviolo Aug 16 '10 at 14:23
Can you come up with any good reason why a program should be always-on-top? Any reason why splash screens should block other windows for several seconds? I haven't seen any legitimate, only misuse, except for some system security related ones, like UAC, but that's another story. – Detrik Raviolo Aug 16 '10 at 14:24
I think always on top is ok if the application provides an option to control this behaviour (WinAmp comes to mind, they've been doing just this). Sometimes the behaviour can be desired by the user, but the programmers shouldn't decide for every possible user that they should desire... – Mephane Apr 11 '11 at 13:40
Besides looking for a technical solution please also contact the software vendor and issue a change request/bug report. Hopefully if enough people complain they'll change it. – Werner Henze Oct 17 '13 at 15:38

This AutoIT script will let you manually set On Top for any open window:

If you don't have AutoIT installed, a compiled version is here

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Yep, there's actually a program that does this, I just couldn't recall the name of it until now. It's called WinExplorer, by Nirsoft. It has an option, under the Size & Position tab, called "Set To No Topmost" that will remove the "always on top" flag from a window. It's an old app, but I'm still using it right now on Windows 7, to fix that annoying issue that crops up from time to time where sometimes windows will inadvertently get set as always on top after using "Show Desktop".

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