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I use "Screenlets" on my Ubuntu PC, primarily so that I can have a bigger trashcan?

alt text

Can I remove all those options? I only want "open" and "empty". I can still find the other options in the screenlet manager app.

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Bigger trashcan? Is there a size limit to the trash can on Ubuntu? Or are you talking about the icon? Currently, the best advice seems to be to stop using that Screenlet thingy. – innaM Aug 3 '09 at 17:27
I also use them for other things. I'd like to hide the options, once they are set up. – Manu Aug 3 '09 at 17:30
I also liked the trashcan screenlet, i found it "prettier", and it can show the number of items in it. But those are small improvements, I guess I'll just use the regular trashcan. – Manu Aug 4 '09 at 11:25
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The beauty of open source is that with enough effort anything is possible. In your case you're lucky that it's pretty easy.

gksudo gedit /usr/share/screenlets/Trash/

then add a # character to the beginning of line 138 so that it reads:

# self.add_default_menuitems()

Save the document and restart your screenlets and only Empty Trash and Open Trash should be left in the context menu for your trash screenlet. Remove the # to restore the default functionality.

However, I'm skeptical that you should want to do this; it hides some important functionality that I'm not sure is duplicated elsewhere. Tread lightly.

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Ok, thanks. Maybe I'll ask the Screenlet people about this. I don't need to change the options of the screenlets every minutes, so it complicates my desktop. – Manu Aug 3 '09 at 19:53

This is not possible, however you can increase the size of icons on your desktop, such as the recycle bin.

Right-click => Stretch Icon

alt text

alt text

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I didn't know that, thanks. But I use screenlets for other things. – Manu Aug 3 '09 at 19:49

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