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The built in bookmarks UX for Firefox is dismall. How do I bookmark a page without opening the whole shebang and shoosing a bookmark folder? I can simply 'star' the page, but then it ends up in Unsorted Bookmarks. I can move a bookmark folder to the bookmark toolbar, where I have instant access to all bookmarks in that folder, but I can no longer bookmark a page in that folder in the normal way, because when I have to click the damned bookmark folder icon and manually type in the URL and title.

What add-ins are there that can make bookmarking in Firefox humanly sane?

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I would recommend X-Marks, I've used it for years. Except for the minor problem that they are ending their service in January. Nothing I've found has ever matched it, and I hope some other group moves in and fills in the void X-Marks is leaving.

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It appears that the rumors of X-Marks' death have been exaggerated. blog.xmarks.com/?p=1988 However, X-Marks may morph into a service that costs money, as a warning. –  Zoot Oct 13 '10 at 13:34
Yea, I saw the news, and it made my day. For someone who uses three different browsers across 5 different machines, it is a necessity of life. I had added my own voice as one willing to pay a subscription fee to keep it alive. Now, if they'll only go back and finish the Android port they had started.... –  BBlake Oct 16 '10 at 12:19

Use the latest Firefox. Ctrl+D will allow you to create a bookmark and add tags to them. Use Shift+Tab to change the folder it will go into but I rarely use that. Instead, I just type a tag in the location field and select from the list FF brings up.

Another option is to open the bookmark side view (Ctrl+B) and drag the site icon to the folder you want.

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You might try Google Bookmarks, using the Google Bookmarks bookmarklet or the Google Toolbar.
See the Bookmarks Help for more details.

There are several possibly useful Firefox add-ons available here.

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+1 for having your bmarks available online, anywhere you go! –  invert Oct 8 '10 at 6:54

I totally agree. Vanilla Firefox bookmarking is pretty bad... I use the Add Bookmark Here addon it lets you navigate to the folder you want to book mark and there will be a option to add the bookmark to that folder. Pretty nice actually. I then sync everything with XMarks...

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You could also look in to using the Speed Dial Add-in for Firefox... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/speed-dial/

although you will not be able to move your bookmarked pages between different browsers and they may be a performance hit?! Try it and see i guess.

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Adding a bookmark in Firefox itself isn't as bad as described. Just create a bunch of folders you want to have on the bookmarks toolbar (ensure View -> Bookmarks -> Bookmarks Toolbar is enabled). Then, to add a bookmark, go to the URL you want to bookmark, and simply drag the globe icon appearing next to the URL into the folder on the Bookmarks toolbar you want. The folder will automatically open. Drag the bookmark to the place on the menu that opened as you like. This is very handy. You can also create subfolders within menus popping out of the bookmarks toolbar by clicking right clickin inside them and selecting "New Folder...".

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