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I have a ton of files that I transfer from a PC to a Mac. I transfer them using a USB drive but when I put them in the Mac, a few of the filenames are changed.

For example if I have this file:


It may get changed to something like:


Does anyone know why something like this would happen?

Out of the 1000+ files I transfer it only happens to about 10 of them.

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The file system of your USB drive is using 8+3 (8 letters plus 3 letter extension) filenames natively (even though on Windows you can see the 'extended' long filenames).

One way around this could be to format the USB drive as FAT32...

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I dont think that was the problem because 1. I have files with much longer names that are fine. 2. I tried it and it didnt change anything. Thanks for the suggestion though. – funckymonk Aug 18 '10 at 7:50

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