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What is the alternative editor that I could use instead of Komodo IDE / Komodo Edit?

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For a programmer-centric text editor it's hard to go wrong with Notepad++. Notepad2 is also popular.

For a more developed IDE I would look at the Express Editions of Visual Studio. There's also Eclipse and Netbeans.

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Try the minimalist Textpad. Actually used it for a few years before moving on to Komodo (nothing beats Komodo for dynamic languages and regex; I use it for Perl and Python). Textpad is lightweight and speedy plus a fully functional trial copy is available. (if you can stand the nag screens). I paid. It also has a very cool and useful block select mode. IMHO, it seems like taking a step backwards moving away from Komodo. Visual Studio is decent but overkill for most tasks. Eclipse fine, but seem a little bit too Java centric for my taste.


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