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I have and old Acer Travelmate 800 LCI that I'd like to convert to a file repository server. The internal 60 GB HDD is too small, so I'm wondering how to find compatible Hard Drives. Is there some site where find compatibility tables and vendors?

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Usually HDDs come in 2 dimensions, for laptops and for desktops. So, physical size is not a problem ... you need a HDD for a laptop. Then, older HDDs were IDE, new ones are SATA. This is the BUS type they are using to communicate with the system. I did a search on google for your model of Travelmate, but I've got no detailed description. However if your laptop was made in last 3-4 years, you most probably have a SATA HDD.

In conclusion, you need a Sata Laptop HDD ... and it should work.

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