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I want to download some of the tutorials of programming languages/techniques/tools which are several parts long. Is there a decent tool where I can pass the URL and have it checked, and enqueued to download one at a time ( like eg JDownloader does for rapidshare files ).

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What's wrong with JDownloader? I used it on Youtube before and it worked fine even in situations which you describe. –  AndrejaKo Aug 18 '10 at 23:32

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I know Internet Download Accelerator downloads the video into MP4 format, you can queue as many videos you want and it'll download them for you.

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If the videos are in a playlist, then you can download them all in one go. AllMyTube can do that. If not, I think there's no youtube downloader in the market that supports the feature you want.

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In Firefox:

  1. go to Addons
  2. Search for Video Download Helper
  3. Install addon
  4. Restart browser

Go to youtube and when you play your video and you will have an icon with red, yellow and blue balls rotating next to the video title. Click the arrow right next to it and it will give you the option to download HD or MP3

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Internet Download Manager grabs videos from YouTube (and many video hosting sites). One click you can Que files, synchronize them, it automatically re-grabs the download from the point of stop and continue downloading it.

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