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I use SpeedFan for it's "S.M.A.R.T." tab and the ability to check the health of my hard drives. Used it a several machines in the past but on the newest one I have there are no hard disks listed. Is it because I have an SSD drive now? Is that known to cause problems? I checked the BIOS and the SMART option is on.

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Some controllers don't seem to be supported, I have the same issue here.

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You mean the controller on the motherboard? – tooshel Aug 20 '10 at 16:53
Yes. I guess that SpeedFan doesn't support some... – Tom Wijsman Aug 21 '10 at 10:19

You need to run the program as an administrator.

Simply right click on the program and start it with "Run as administrator."

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I'll try that out . . . but it seems to have more to do with driver/motherboard support. – tooshel Jul 18 '11 at 15:42

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