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I really hate booting into Windows 7 just to boot up Ps to cut out some stuff and then flip back to Ubuntu... plus, if i missed something or other, its a mega pain in the ass to reboot again.

Gimp also doesn't work well for this at all.

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As just Tom said, you will have to find a VM. The choices avaliable are:

KVM: It's the 'new' virtualization, it comes with the kernel. You have to install a single application and you can either manage your virtual machine by console or you can do this with 'libvirt' (virt-manager). (3D support is the same as Virtualbox, read below. It's not really good so some operations may be slower than on Windows due to the lack of openGL accel.)

VMWare Workstation: Commercial software, not really cheap but the best. It provides stable, excellent 3D performance, awesomeness when it comes to Photoshop (since I also do some graphical work when I have to and Workstation just does what I want.)

VirtualBox: Free virtualization software by Oracle (cough Sun). It's not the best, the 3D is very buggy (it's just a hack from/by Wine sadly), but it's free. Give it a spin and see whether it does the job or not. For me, I experienced too many bugs to stay with VirtualBox.

Parallel Workstations: A good virtualization software again. However, I never had a chance to test it for a very long time.

Oh how could I forgot VMWare Player. Nowadays it's just like a free VMWare Workstation. Back then you couldn't make guests with it, but it's all solved now. Also you can just grab guest images from the web from sites like this.

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I really only want to slice out images, test in IE7-9(so ill be wanting to run W7 Home Premium probably) in windows. Which one would you suggest? – Oscar Godson Aug 19 '10 at 19:12
I'd first try VMWare Player. Then VirtualBox (since it's still free), then maybe Workstation. (its not free, sadly. But even the openGL accel is working purrfectly in PS). – Shiki Aug 19 '10 at 23:23

Why not run Windows in a Virtualbox VM? That gets rid of the reboot problem completely.

Since you're doing web development, you could make the VM run a Windows server instead, which would also give you an always-available server for testing.

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